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REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog

REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog


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REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog

Your Source for Real Estate Information

"ABC" Always. Be. Closing.

For many people the idea of negotiation is a separate step. This blog provides five tips for integrating it as part of your conversation, not a separate step.


1. Always begin with gratitude. Thank you. There are many agents you could choose, and I am grateful you have given me this opportunity. What we are going to next discuss is how to fulfill your goals and (sell, rent) buy this home. I have been in this business for many years and I must say, it still remains my honor to serve your real estate needs. Let’s get to it.


2. Always Be Closing is the ABC of sales. ABC is a Sales Path using conversation that begins with Gratitude. The conversation starts with Active Listening, which is a type of interactive conversation with five parts and the close. (1) This is not a lecture, but two way conversation using: (2) Active Listening; (3) Wait for the Response technique; (4) Probative Questions; (5) Appropriate Laughter, Lightheartedness; and The Close.


3. Wait for the Response

Often, the most effective negotiating tool is silence. Make your comment, ask your questions, listen carefully, then look the client in the eye and wait. Often the most powerful negotiating tool is silence. In sales parlance, it is often said, he who speaks first loses. Wait for the response, or it may be the clarification from the client.


Example: We are talking about the list price and we move toward the close. We say: “I have listened carefully to your goals: “the price is your decision, but this price or price range, is a researched price. It combines the shortest days on market with the best net proceeds. Are you ready to add your signature to this listing.” Now pause and wait for the answer. Silence please.


4. Active listening Active listening is a communication skill that involves going beyond simply hearing the words that another person speaks but also seeking to understand the meaning and intent behind them. This is where probing comes into use. These are called probative questions. Example: “Oh, good pint, tell me more.” It requires being an active participant in the two way communication process.

Practicing empathy (“Oh, I understand”, or, “Oh, I agree with you on that point.”.) may decrease stress and lighten the mood. Active Listening is a single purpose task. Listen and engage.


5. Moments of laughter When we (LOL) laugh out loud in real life, it can set the tone for successful negotiations. Having a good laugh with a friend or colleague prior to entering negotiations can help you relieve anticipation anxiety and be more effective. Looking for an appropriate moment for laughter during negotiations can establish a connection and begin a bond, or reflect an understanding.


The Close: In previous blogs, I have spoken of types of close. The Franklin Close, where the use of pros and cons are explained; the Insurance Close which restates the goal elicited in the initial probative conversation and show that it is matched with the option being presented; The Calendar Close, using the calendar and the nearest holiday to say if we being today we can close by xyz (Fourth of July, by School opening); the Assumptive Close which asks something like; We are ready to begin. Do you want to sign this agency agreement or the listing first; and the Ownership Close; where you paint the picture by saying: I can see you in this home now, near the school; near your work; with the kids, playing in the nearby park. Let’s get started. I have this contract prepared for you. Here is my pen. Silence. And, there is always the Straight Forward Close: I have really enjoyed this process. We have seen a lot of great homes. I recall you asking for this neighborhood. What do you think? Are you ready to sign this contract?

Use your own close. Use your own personality. You will find your comfort zone and do well being yourself. But remember: ABC Always Be Closing.


Various sources were used for this blog post and should be given credit. They are Inman Connect; Connect@IInman.com and VeryWellMind.com

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