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Another Compensation Lawsuit

The National Association of Realtors just settled Sitzer Burnett paying over one billion dollars in 4 equal annual installments.  The settlement was for the allegations of price fixing cause by the Seller paying a fee that by tradition of 70 years was split with the buying side.  The law suit said the buyer must have a say in the fees paid.  The result was an agreement to disclose fees up front and not advertise the commission arrangement in the MLS.   .We thought that suit bubbled through society of the past 20 years and surfaced with Sitzer.  We thought that brought an end to such suits David v Hanna is the mirror image of the same lawsuit.  Davis sues the buyer representative saying the buyer representative conspired with the seller to accept payment forced on David by the arrangement between the seller and listing agent. Conclusion: be careful, disclose fees, keep communications open, document fees in writing as soon as they are (1) and (2) communicated. Confirm they have been communicated.  Then document the satisfaction with your services at closing.

Avoid The Risk of Misrepresentation Claims

The other day I was finished shopping at my local home depot, went to my car in the parking lot, backed up and quickly learned the car opposite me was backing up as well. My SUV locked bumpers with him Dodge Ram pick up. We both reacted quick enough and it turned out to be a touch but no damage. We shook hands and drove off. I later thought I just missed kissing $1,000 good bye. It was that close. Everyday, with every transaction, you often do not know how close you may come to a malpractice, misrepresentation or fraud claim. Even if you are innocent the heartbreak of the monetary cost will pale in comparison to defending your reputation and perhaps your license.

The Gamesman or Gamesperson

Years ago there was a book written, titled The Gamesman. The author, Maccoby, described business people as falling into three classes. It turns out each of us seems to have a mix on one, two or all three that make up our drive and blaze our path through our professional careers.