About Us

Now approved in multiple States, REMI School of Real Estate was originally founded in 2005 as one of the first online real estate schools in the nation with its roots in Kailua, Hawaii. As an experienced course developer and technological innovator of education platforms, REMI prides itself on quality narrated courses and great customer service.


Well-regarded by novices and experts in the field, REMI’s instructor and founder, David Catanzaro (MBA, PB), is known for his vast experience and practical teaching style. As some would say, he provides ‘information you can use’ and put into your everyday practice. David has over 40+ years of experience in real estate. He is a certified International Distance Educator (IDECC) and his courses include those approved through the rigorous review of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO).  His courses have been accredited by over licensing authorities across multiple States.


David’s teaching style is down-to-earth and enjoyable. Teaching has always come naturally to David because of his passion for the subject and the many examples and experiences he can draw upon from being licensed in real estate for over 40 years.  His enthusiasm for real estate is contagious and he cares about instilling that knowledge and enthusiasm in others. We hope you'll enjoy him as much as we do.