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REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog

REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog


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REMI School of Real Estate Community Blog

Your Source for Real Estate Information

Finding Success in a Difficult Market: Ten steps to Build Business During Tough Times

Finding Success in a Difficult Market 

Ten steps to Build Business During Tough Times 

  1. Focus on lead generation.
    1. Your success requires a constant stream of new customers.
    2. Examples: Renters become buyers; Graduates need homes; Open Houses attract true buyers; Large corporations need relocation; Garage sales are often indicators of a sale; Floor duty creates opportunity; If you are near a military base, then advertise in the Army, Navy, or Air Force Times as a relocation specialist; find what works for you;
  2. Make known to friends, family, those you socialize with and the public that you are an agent.
    1. The public needs to know you are an agent.
    2. Every day you must generate new leads.
    3. Every day you should email an old customer to keep your name fresh with them.
    4. Do not rest of yesterday’s results.
  3. Work on and with leads
    1. Get a customer, keep a customer.
    2. Recognize an opportunity and convert that opportunity.
  4. Business is a process: make calls, send emails, post on social media, meet new people.
    1. Venture out, meet people, create a blog, utilize social media, join clubs, add to your sphere of influence.
  5. Focus on lead conversion.
    1. Do not only be an order taker; be a salesperson and convert opportunities.
    2. Create opportunities.
  6. Be the Professional you want to be, that you must be.
    1. Focus on your job every day.
    2. Learn from the mistakes of others.
    3. Watch successful people and copy their energy, methods,
    4. Be critical and always seek to improve yourself.
  7. The job does not end at closing.
    1. Most business comes from referrals.
    2. Keep in contact with customers.
    3. Ask for referrals.
  8. Build on your Success.
    1. Meet a new person, potential customer every day.
    2. Closing is not the end of the process; it is only another step in the process.
    3. Avoid feast or famine, keep finding new customers.
  9. Build a business you can rely on for yourself, your family and your clients.
    1. Success requires you to abandon the project approach and accept the process approach.
    2. Develop lead generation sources.
      1. Some leads are hidden in your data mining stage.
        1. Looking for clients
      2. Some leads will be in the inquiry stage, asking questions of you.
      3. Some leads will be entertaining the thought of you as their agent.
      4. Some leads should be in the pre-qualification stage.
      5. Some leads will be in showing stage.
      6. Some leads must be in the offering stage.
      7. Some leads must be in escrow.
  10. Live within the stages of your business
    1. Know or set the goals for these stages that you have created.
    2. Commit to a process of regularly creating and having activity in each stage.
    3. The typical business is one that finds a pattern of success and repeats it over and over.

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