16-hr CE Renewal Package (VA, Best Seller)

The 16-hr CE Renewal Package includes 8-hrs of electives and 8 hours of mandatory topics for active salespersons and broker* license renewals in their second or subsequent renewal cycle.

Elective credits (8 hrs):

  • Buyer Representation and Managing Relationships (3 hrs)
  • Strategies to Analyze Investment Property (3 hrs)
  • 3-hr Policies to Reduce Risk* (3 broker management hours)

Mandatory topics (8 hrs) include:

  • 3-hr Code of Ethics** (3 hrs ethics and standards of conduct)
  • 1-hr Virginia Agency Law (1 mandatory real estate agency hour)
  • 1-hr Virginia Contract Law (1 mandatory real estate contracts hour)
  • 1-hr Virginia Legal Update (1 mandatory legal updates)
  • 2-hr Virginia Fair Housing (2 mandatory fair housing hours)

*Broker licensees may need to complete additional Broker CE courses separate from this package to meet their requirements..
**This course was designed to meet the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Training Requirement. Ahead of purchase, please confirm your local Association or Board will accept this course toward their local Ethics requirement.

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