Using Home Inspections to Protect Your Clients (3 hrs, E20068, KS)

The Home Inspections course is a Commission-approved elective course that counts toward 3-hrs of continuing education credit to be used toward license renewal or reactivation.

Learn how to use home inspections to the advantage of your clients.


Course covers topic of how home inspections benefit and protect buyers and sellers. Licensees learn levels of inspector certifications and the purpose and benefits of inspection. Course provides the licensee with an understanding of the condition of a property, costs to maintain, and how to reduce risk to buyer and licensee.

Course enables students to:

  • Describe the purpose and use of a home inspection
  • Explain how home inspections benefit / protect both buyers and sellers
  • Describe the home inspector’s scope of work and presentation of results
  • Discover the scope of a home inspection; the areas / components it includes
  • Recall the seller’s disclosure obligations
  • Understand the scope of the agent’s role in home inspections
  • Recall where to find credentialed inspectors
  • Recognize your role as an agent in educating clients on the benefits of having a home inspection

Course Features Include:

  1. Accepted by the Kansas Real Estate Commission.  
  2. The ability to complete the courses online and at your convenience
  3. Low price, high-quality, narrated courses
  4. Easy to use
  5. Well received and reviewed by other real estate professionals

Course Development
Our courses are developed with knowledge of the real estate market. Our instructor, David Catanzaro, has taught and practiced real estate for over 20 years.

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