Risk Management: Protecting Your Clients (Iowa, 4 hrs.)

Learn how to avoid risk and protect your clients with this 4-hr CE course designed for experienced and novice licensees alike.


This course is designed for newly licensed and experienced licensees. Through case studies and explanation, students will learn the roles, scope of professional services, and ability to readily identify applicability of disclosures, rules and laws to practice. Topics include risk definitions, categories and entry points in areas such as social media, professional conduct, contracts, disclosures, escrow, and financial responsibilities.

Course enables students to:
  • Understand risk as it relates to the client and transaction
  • Identify categories and types of risk
  • Identify the entry points for risk
  • Apply risk reduction techniques to protect clients
  • Design each transaction to reduce and mitigate risk
  • Prioritize the risk factors to be considered
  • Improve competence and professionalism by mitigating risk
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Hours 4