Real Estate Math Made Easy (Iowa, 3 hrs)

This course provides licensees with the essentials necessary to perform calculations for common real estate transactions.


This course covers the proper methods for solving today’s common real estate math problems. Conveys proper use of real estate math as a communications tool. Provides licensees with improved knowledge of math to enable more effective and competent communication with the public.

Course enables students to:
  • Understand the math involved in real estate transactions
  • Learn the steps to solve math problems
  • Classify the 12 types of math problems regularly seen and used in real estate:
  1. Commission and split calculations
  2. Net proceeds
  3. Profit percent
  4. Loan points
  5. Annual property tax
  6. Straight loan interest
  7. First payment of amortized loan
  8. Discount of a note
  9. Inflation of price
  10. Prorating
  11. Area math
  12. Appraisal using cap rate
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Hours 3