Real Estate Math Made Easy (3 hrs, E20067, KS)
Learn about the ethical dilemmas in the practice of real estate through case studies. NOTE: This course is not eligible for NAR Credit, if looking for dual credit please find our course that includes the words: "Code of Ethics" in the title.

Course enables students to:

  • Understand the math involved in real estate transactions
  • Learn the steps to solve math problems
  • Classify the 12 types of math problems regularly seen and used in real estate:
  1. Commission and split calculations
  2. Net proceeds
  3. Profit percent
  4. Loan points
  5. Annual property tax
  6. Straight loan interest
  7. First payment of amortized loan
  8. Discount of a note
  9. Inflation of price
  10. Prorating
  11. Area math
  12. Appraisal using cap rate