Introduction to Commercial Real Estate (Iowa, 3 hrs)

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of practicing in commercial real estate.


This course is a study of the terminology and practices associated with commercial property. Learn about the types of commercial property: retail; industrial; office, medical, warehouse and the sub-classifications of each. Distinguish between residential and commercial property and know the use of standard forms as well as the often-used attorney-drafted forms, common to commercial transactions. Course covers an index of commercial trade organizations and specialty distinctions such as the CCIM are introduced as resources for the licensee.

Course enables students to:
  • Compare and contrast residential with commercial real estate
  • Recall definitions of common vocabulary and lease terminology 
  • Classify the 5 types of commercial real estate
  • Explain the lender’s point of view
  • Discuss the valuation of commercial property
  • Recognize various valuation methods and when to use them
  • Identify factors that influence market value
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Hours 3