Honesty in Real Estate – A Study of Arbitration Cases (Iowa, 3 hrs)

This easy-to-follow ethics-based course is based on real-world cases and hearing panel decisions from the National Association of Realtors.  Learn best practices for handling conflicts and dispute resolution to protect the consumer, industry and licensee


This is an ethics-based course drawn from the NAR Ethics manual by using case studies and hearing panel conclusions. The course teaches ethics precedent and best practices in handling conflicts and dispute resolution to best protect the consumer, industry, and licensee.

Course enables students to:
  • Apply best practices for handling ethical dilemmas in real-world scenarios
  • Learn ethical guidelines, evidenced in case studies to increase the licensee’s ability to protect the public
  • Integrate the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics Preamble into everyday practice
  • Explain the dispute resolution process
  • Identify key points at which to disclose personal interest in transactions
  • Apply ethical principles to policy-making
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Hours 3