24-hr Salesperson CE Renewal Package (Best Seller, Guam)

This 24-hr CE Renewal package is designed for salespersons who wish to renew their license. Those renewing for the first time may wish to check on additionally required courses.


Please check with the Guam Real Estate Commission ahead of purchase to ensure these courses meet your specific requirements. 


Included courses:

  • Comparative Market Analysis (3 hrs)
  • Being Honest is the Code We Live By (3 hrs)
  • Seller and Buyer Representation (3 hrs)
  • Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs)
  • Property Management Essentials (3 hrs)
  • Real Estate Math Made Easy (3 hrs)
  • Understanding Affordability with Green Homes (3 hrs)
  • Using Home Inspections to Protect Your Clients (3 hrs)

For first time renewals please check with the Guam Real Estate Commission for any additional requirments 


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