Fair Housing: Real World Examples & Liability (WA, 3 hrs, ELECTIVE)

Using real world examples, this elective course teaches awareness, sensitivity and compliance with the Fair Housing and ADA Laws.


This elective course is designed to educate the CE Student on the subject of the Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. This course is an elective and is distinct from the mandatory fair housing courses offered seprately on our website.

The objective of this course is to increase awareness, sensitivity and compliance with the Laws. The session will explain how to comply with Fair Housing Laws, providing all clients and customers Equal Housing Opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, AIDS/HIV or need for use of service animals.

This course is a must for all agents who want to provide good service in compliance with the law.

The course objectives:

  • Create Awareness of Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Acts
  • Define the protected classes and rights of those persons with disabilities
  • Explain equal rights and Fair Housing through examples and stories
  • Provide general understanding of the agents' obligations under Fair Housing and Americans With Disabilities Act

The course covers:

  • Fair Housing Act
  • Amendments to the Act
  • Prohibited practices and investigations
  • Significant changes to the Act
  • New construction
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Reasonable modifications / accommodations
  • Protected groups
  • Avoid the appearance or practice of discrimination
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Occupancy standards under HUD Guidelines
  • Marketing within Fair Housing laws
  • Complaint procedures
  • Penalties for violations
  • Practices, policies, and procedures to provide Equal Opportunity

In Washington, licenses expire every 2 years. Licensees can renew 120 days before their license expires. Continuing education courses are not reported to the State unless requested by the State.  In the case of an audit, schools do not send information to the State. Rather, the State requires licensees to submit copies of their course completion certificates to the State directly.

On their website the Washington Department of Licensing  (DOL) provides information for obtaining, renewing, updating and managing your license through the following links:

CE renewal requirements and license updates:
For Brokers: https://www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/brokers.html
For Managing Brokers: https://www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/mngbrokers.html

This information is subject to change based on the State's rules / laws updates and website link changes. Check for updates.

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