Coronavirus: Protecting Clients and Licensees During COVID-19 (Iowa, 3 hrs)

How do we do business in the day of the coronavirus?  Through this course, you'll receive practical advice and learn about the guidelines set forth by the NAR, CDC and WHO.


This course discusses the NAR’s coverage of the coronavirus and how it impacts real estate licensees and the safety of their clients. Topics include the advice and guidelines from the NAR, CDC and WHO with implications to licensees conducting and managing business during the coronavirus pandemic. Topics include office safety, alternatives to open houses, meeting and advertising.

Course enables students to:
  • Understand the scope of impact of COVID-19 on the practice of common real estate business activities (ex: open houses) and protocol
  • Apply CDC, WHO and NAR guidelines when providing services
  • Recognize, avoid and find alternatives to risky business practices during a pandemic
  • Reduce risk through using new methods and technologies to service clients  
  • Judge / assess how agents can further their ability to safely serve our public
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Hours 3