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20-hr CE Restoration Package - Build Your Own Package (Electives-Only)

This 20 hr CE Restoration package is designed for licensees who wish to be active in 2023-2024.  This package includes 20 hrs of electives of your choosing. If adding the NAR Code of Ethics, check to ensure your Board /Assoc accepts the course for Ethics credit. Check for duplicates ahead of purchase.

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Elective courses
Property Management Essentials (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Understanding Green Homes (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Listing and Buyer Representation Agreements (3 hrs, Hawaii)
BPO and CMA: How to Value Residential Property (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Real Estate Valuation (6 hrs, Hawaii)
Real Estate Math Made Easy (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Time for Time Shares in Hawaii (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Basics of Investment Property (4 hrs, Hawaii)
Being Honest Is the Code We Live By (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Basic Steps to Analyze Investment Property (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Applied Ethics in Practice: Case Studies (3 hrs, Hawaii)
1031 Exchange for Real Estate Practitioners (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Disclosures in Residential Transactions (6 hrs, Hawaii)
Valuation of Commercial Property (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Coronavirus: Protecting Clients and Licensees During COVID-19 (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Using Home Inspections to Protect Your Clients (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Social Media for Real Estate Practitioners Whats New (4 hrs, Hawaii)
Risk Management: Protecting Your Clients (4 hrs, Hawaii)
Violations - Learning from Others (4 hrs, Hawaii)
Code of Ethics: Pathways to Professionalism (NAR, 3 hrs, Hawaii)
The Price is Right: CMA at Work (Comparative Market Analysis) (3 hrs, Hawaii)
VA Loans - Eligibility and Benefits (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Social Media in Today's Real Estate (4 hrs, Hawaii)
Fair Housing - Inclusion and Diversity (3 hrs, Hawaii)
Property Management - Addressing Risks (3 hrs, Hawaii)

This package is designed for licensees who wish to be active in 2023-2024.  It includes 20 hours of electives for the full 20 hrs for license renewal.  As always, please check with the State in advance to ensure these courses meet your specific requirements. 

To select your own electives, mark the boxes of the respective electives.   When done click "Add to Cart."    


License Renewal
Licensees are required to complete 20 hours of approved continuing education (CE) courses every two years. The composition and number of hours is subject to change by the Real Estate Commission.  This term the 20 hours consists of 6 hours of Core courses and 14 hours of electives. The deadline to renew a license on active status is November 30th (of even-numbered years). Unless renewed, all real estate licenses expire at the end of every even-numbered year.  As of the time of this writing, new salespersons renewing their license (issued that year) will be exempted from the continuing education requirement. 

License Reactivation
Licensees must satisfy the continuing education (CE) requirement of the previous biennium in order to reactivate their license. Licensees who wish to reactivate a license need at least 20 credit hours of continuing education (core course + elective courses). 
The previous biennium's core courses are available through May 31 of odd-numbered years. After May 31, licensees who have not completed the biennium's Core course(s) will need to complete 20 hours of continuing education elective courses.   This is because the Core courses, by nature of their being legislation updates for that term, may be outdated by the next term and therefore, Core courses can only be used in the term in which they were designed; Core courses cannot be applied toward make-up for previous term.

Check your CE Status
You can check the number of hours needed to reactivate or renew at the State's CE Status Page at:

Reporting of Credit
The Real Estate Branch requires school to report course credits within 7-10 days of the courses date of completion.   We will report completion credits within the state's requirement.  If your specific situation requires special attention please contact us. 

The Hawaii Real Estate Branch :  or by phone at 808-586-2643

Professional and Vocational Licensing Division (PVL): or by phone at 808-586-3000

Hawaii Real Estate License Renewal:

This information is always subject to change. Always check for updates.

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