Applied Ethics in Practice: Case Studies (Iowa, 3 hrs)

Learn about the ethical dilemmas and guidelines in the practice of real estate through case studies.  This course is designed increase agents’ ability to protect clients and the general public.


The Applied Ethics course is written to provide licensees with a better understanding of ethical dilemmas in the practice of real estate through case studies. Our industry holds the ethical practice of real estate as the highest obligation of the licensee. This course covers over 30 case studies comparing and exemplifying law and ethics.  NOTE: This course is not eligible for NAR Credit, if looking for dual credit please find our course that includes the words: "Code of Ethics" in the title.

Course enables students to:
  • Compare ethics of trade organization with statues of license law
  • Increase knowledge of ethics & license law
  • Learn to disclose personal interests in transactions
  • Learn to protect and promote client's interest, while being honest with all parties
  • Be able to discuss the difference between puffing and misrepresentation
  • Better spot potential ethical pitfalls
  • Recognize the impermissibility of concealment of pertinent facts
  • Learn how to cooperate with other real estate professionals to advance the client's best interests
  • Discern the obligation to make your position in a transaction known and the obligation to disclose affiliated relationships
  • Be familiar with RESPA
  • Recognize that the paying of commission does not establish agency
  • Know the necessity of not commingling clients' monies, provide equal service to all clients, direct clients to third party professionals when necessary
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Hours 3