30-hr Renewal Package (Oregon)

This 30-hr CE Renewal package is designed for licensees who wish to renew their Oregon real estate license. This package includes a 3-hr Required Law and Required Rule (LARCC) course and 27 hrs of electives that are taken online on your own self-paced schedule. See details for course titles. 

  • Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) (3 hrs)
  • Code of Ethics: Pathways to Professionalism (3 hrs)
  • Basics of Investment Property (4 hrs)
  • Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs)
  • Social Media in Today's Real Estate (4 hrs)
  • Property Management Essentials (3 hrs)
  • Using Home Inspections to Benefit Your Clients (3 hrs)
  • Risk Management: Protecting Your Clients (4 hrs)
  • Fair Housing: Real World Examples & Essentials (3 hrs)

Our LARRC course includes the Fair Housing component.

$159.92 $128.92
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