30-hr CE Renewal Package (Oregon)

This 30-hr CE Renewal package is designed for Brokers and Principal Brokers who wish to renew their Oregon real estate license. This package includes a 3-hr Required Law and Required Rule (LARCC) course and 27 hrs of electives that are taken online on your own self-paced schedule. See details for course titles.

  • Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) (3 hrs)
  • Code of Ethics: Pathways to Professionalism (NAR) (3 hrs)
  • Basics of Investment Property (4 hrs)
  • Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs)
  • Social Media in Today's Real Estate (4 hrs)
  • Property Management Essentials (3 hrs)
  • Using Home Inspections to Benefit Your Clients (3 hrs)
  • Risk Management: Protecting Your Clients (4 hrs)
  • Fair Housing: Real World Examples & Essentials (3 hrs)

Our LARRC course includes the Fair Housing component.  

IMPT: This package is designed for Brokers and Principal Brokers who have already completed one or more renewal cycles.  If this is your first ever renewal, please seek out separately provided courses (ex: 27-hr Advanced Practices Courses). This package is not for Property Management License renewal.

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