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14-hr CE Renewal Package for 2nd and Subsequent Renewals (Build Your Own, Pennsylvania)

This 14-hr CE Build Your Own Renewal package is designed for 2nd and subsequent renewals. It includes the Mandatory 3hr Disciplinary Case Studies Course requirement due May 31 2024 .

To select your own electives, mark the boxes of the respective electives.  You will want to select at least 12 hrs.   When done click "Add to Cart." 

Note: *The Mandatory Topics Course is a primarily a READ-ONLY format. Non-narrated.

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Required courses
Mandatory Topics Course - Disciplinary Case Studies (2024) (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Elective courses
1031 Exchange for Real Estate Practitioners (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
About Fair Housing For Real Estate Practitioners (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Applied Ethics in Practice: Case Studies (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Buyer Representation (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Commercial Sales 101 (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Property Management: How to Reduce Risk (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Real Estate Math Made Easy (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Understanding and Marketing Green Homes (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
Valuation of Commercial Property (3 hrs, Pennsylvania)
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Hours 14