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Looking to become a real estate salesperson or broker in Hawaii?  Complete your prelicensing requirements online with REMI School.  REMI is Hawaii's 1st online real estate school and one of the most trusted names in Hawaii real estate education.  Sit back, relax and enjoy our narrated courses at your desk or on-the-go at the beach. Available 24/7. Enroll online or sign up by phone: (808) 230-8200

  • On-the-go friendly on phone and tablet 24/7
  • Informative -- "Information I can use!"
  • Hawaii's 1st Online Real Estate School
  • Founded in 2005 in Kailua, HI
  • Instructor with 40+ yrs experience in real estate

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Salesperson Pre-licensing Course Hawaii (60 hrs)

This State-approved, mandatory salesperson real estate pre-licensing course provides everything you need to know to pass the State and National portion of Hawaii's licensing exam. The course provides the required completion certificate that allows you to sit for the State's licensing exam.

$398.00 $275.00

*This mandatory salesperson real estate pre-licensing course provides everything you need to pass both the State and National portion of Hawaii's licensing exam. The course provides the required completion certificate that allows you to sit for the State's licensing exam.  

Written by instructor with over 40 yrs of experience, you'll be in good hands in this narrated, self-paced course, available 24/7. It feels like a classroom in your own living room. Beyond prepping to pass the State test, you'll receive critical information to  jump--start your practice as a real estate agent in Hawaii.  Don't go into the workplace cold and flailing-- go in with confidence.   

You'll naturally meet the State's 60-hr time requirement by completing the presentations / quizzes.  

*Those with equivalency, who need to study solely for the State-specific portion of the licensing exam, should see our test prep course. The test prep course is specifically designed for those who have obtained equivalency based on their license in another State.  

Course Features Include:

  • State-Approved by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission
  • High-quality, professionally narrated
  • Getting started is fast, easy and convenient
  • Complete the coursework online and at your convenience - Available 24/7
  • Instructor with over 40 yrs experience in real estate and decades teaching courses in multiple States
  • Comprehensive quizzes and practice exam
  • Well-received and reviewed by others - many continue with us for their continuing education needs
  • Helpful, courteous customer service staff available online, by email or phone
  • Prompt reporting to the State
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from students

Our Company has Hawaii Roots
Our courses are developed with local knowledge of Hawaii's real estate market. Our instructor, David Catanzaro, has taught and practiced real estate in Hawaii for over 20 years. Hawaii's culture and real estate market are unique. Don't risk your education on a company without feet-on-the ground local experience.  Real estate is a local business requiring knowledge of Hawaii and the way Hawaii works.

All students taking the course need to qualify for a real estate license and should be aware of the requirements as published by the Real Estate Commission*:


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)
  • Complete and pass a State approved 60-hour preilcensing course
  • Receive approval of your State application
  • Pass a State examination
  • You do not need to be a Hawaii resident

*Always check with the Real Estate Commission for any updates. 

Please note: You do NOT need to meet these requirements to take this class. For instance, while you must be 18 years of age to sit for the State exam, there is no such requirement for the course and the certificate of completion that you receive from REMI School of Real Estate is valid for two years from the date of issue.


Hours 60

*This course includes the following subject areas:


  • The Real Estate Business
    • An Introduction to the Real Estate Business
    • Real Estate Brokerage
    • Development and Construction
    • The Role of Government
    • Professional Organizations
  • License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
    • Historical Perspective of Hawaii Real Estate License Law
    • Statutes and Rules Important to Real Estate
    • General Licensing Provisions
    • Sales Associate Qualifications for Licensure
    • Post-Licensing Education
    • Continuing Education
    • Broker Requirements
    • Registration and Licensure
    • Real Estate Services
    • Individuals Who Are Exempt from a Real Estate License
  • License Law Administration
    • Hawaii Real Estate Commission
    • Real Estate Commission
  • Brokerage Relationships and Ethics
    • Law of Agency
    • Brokerage Relationships in Hawaii
      • Transaction Broker
      • Single Agent
      • No Brokerage Relationship
      • Transition to Transaction Broker
    • Misrepresentation and Fraud
    • Professional Ethics
    • Sales Associate to Broker
  • Real Estate Brokerage Operations
    • Brokerage Offices
    • Advertising
    • Escrow or Trust Accounts- General Rules
      • Broker Held
      • Attorney/Title Company Held
    • Rental Information and Lists
    • Broker's Commission
      • Anti-Trust Laws
      • Lien Law on Real Property
      • Sales Associate Commission
    • Kickbacks
    • Change of Employer
    • Types of Business Entities That May or May Not Register
      • Sole Proprietorship
      • Partnerships
      • Corporation
      • LLC- Limited Liability Company
    • Trade Names
    • Unlicensed Assistants
  • Complaints, Violations, and Penalties
    • Complaint Process- Seven Steps
    • Violations and Penalties
      • Grounds for Denial
      • Grounds for Suspension
      • Grounds for Revocation
    • Types of Penalties
    • Real Estate Recovery Fund
    • Legal Terms to Know
    • Disciplinary Guidelines
  • Federal and State Housing Laws
    • Federal and State Fair Housing Law
    • Federal Laws Regarding Land and the Environment
    • Federal Laws Regarding Mortgage Lending
    • Hawaii Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
      • Security Deposit
      • Advance Rentals
      • Commingling
  • Property Rights: Estate, Tenancies, and Multiple Ownership Interests
    • The Nature of Property
      • Physical Components 4
      • Personal Property
    • General Property Rights
    • Estate and Tenancies
      • Fee Sample
      • Life Estate
      • Tenancy at Will
      • Tenancy at Sufferance
      • Tenancy in Common
      • Joint Tenancy
      • Tenancy by the Entireties
    • Homestead
      • Protection of Homestead
      • Tax Exemption
    • Cooperatives, Condominiums, and Time Sharing
  • Titles, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
    • Title to Real Property
    • Acquiring Legal Title
      • Voluntary Alienation
      • Involuntary Alienation
      • Types of Notice
      • Condition of Title
    • Deeds
      • Clauses- Deed
      • Statutory Deeds
      • Special Purpose Deeds
    • Ownership Limitations and Restrictions
      • Easements
      • Leases
      • General and Specific Liens
      • Public/Government Restrictions
      • Deed Restrictions
  • Legal Descriptions
    • Purposes of Legal Descriptions
    • Types of Legal Descriptions
      • Metes and Bounds
      • Lot and Block
      • Government Survey System
      • Math- Legal Description
    • Real Estate Contracts
      • Preparation of Contracts
      • Essentials of a Contract
      • Statute of Frauds
      • Statute of Limitations
      • Transfer of Real Property
      • Contract Categories
      • Contract Negotiation
      • Termination of Contracts
      • Contracts Important to Real Estate
        • Listing Contracts
          • Brokers Compensation
        • Buyer-Broker Agreement
        • Option Contracts
        • Sale and Purchase Contracts
        • Mandatory Disclosures
          • Material Defects
          • Radon Gas
          • Lead-based Paint
          • Energy Efficiency Brochure
          • Home Owners Association
          • Property Tax
          • Building Code
    • Real Estate Finance
      • Legal Theories of Mortgages
      • Loan Instruments
      • Mortgage Clauses
      • Types of Mortgage Loans
        • FHA
        • VA
        • Conventional
      • Methods of Purchasing Mortgaged Property
      • Other Types of Financing
      • Qualifying the Buyer
      • Math- Finance
    • The Mortgage Market
      • The Mortgage Market and Money Supply
      • Federal Regulatory Bodies
      • Primary Mortgage Market
      • Secondary Mortgage Market
      • Mortgage Fees
    • Computations and Title Closing
      • Math- Computations
      • Closing Statements
    • Estimating Real Property Value
      • Appraisal Regulation/USPAP
      • Market Value
      • Approaches to Estimating Real Property Value
        • Sales Comparison Approach
        • Cost-Depreciation Approach
        • Income Capitalization Approach
      • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
      • Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
    • Product Knowledge
      • Lot Types
      • Structural Elements
    • Real Estate Investment Analysis and Business Opportunity Brokerage
      • Real Estate as an Investment
      • Analyzing Investment Properties
      • Assessment of Risks
      • Leverage
      • Business Brokerage 5
    • Taxes Affecting Real Estate
      • City and County Property Taxes
        • Math- Taxes
      • Federal Income Taxes
    • The Real Estate Market
    • Planning and Zoning
      • Local Planning Agency
      • The Planning Process
      • Zoning Laws and Code Enforcement

*Topics subject to change per Commission requirements and at Instructor's discretion


To all license candidates:
Within the last 20 years, if you have one or more felonies or one or more misdemeanors in your history, outstanding tax obligations with no payment plan in place, judgments please contact the Real Estate Branch, 808-586-2643, and determine whether or not you should file the Preliminary Decision Application prior to completing a prelicense course.  The Preliminary Decision Application will allow the Hawaii Real Estate Commission to review your history and make a determination of either MOST LIKELY APPROVE or MOST LIKELY DENY your license application when submitted.  The decision of the Commission is non-binding, and a license candidate may submit his or her license application no matter what the Commission’s decision is for the Preliminary Decision Application.  The Preliminary Decision gives the license candidate a window of probability as to the acceptance or denial of a license application, so that the license candidate does not waste time and money on a prelicense course, if the likelihood of denial is evident. 

Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes, § 467- 8 Prerequisites for license, registration, or certificate. . . . (b)         Prior to submitting prelicensing education or examination requirements, an individual candidate may request that the commission consider a preliminary decision as to whether the individual candidate for a real estate license will be denied a real estate license . . . .  The individual candidate shall submit a completed application, all information requested by the commission, and the nonrefundable application fee . . .  .  The preliminary decision shall provide advisory guidance, shall not be construed as binding, and shall not be subject to appeal.  The individual candidate seeking a preliminary decision shall not be considered an applicant for licensure.  A preliminary decision that is unfavorable to the individual shall not prevent the individual from submitting a complete license application and fees after successful completion of the prelicensing requirement.”