CORE A Protect Your License (3 hrs, Hawaii)

CORE A 2019-2020.  Protect Your License - Real Estate-Related Legislation (3 hrs, CE credit). Core A covers the law changes that occurred in 2019 and Core B covers 2020. Together those prepare you to be active in 2021-2022.


The Core A course for the 2019-2020 biennium is 3 hours.  The Real Estate Commission uses its Core A (and later, Core B) to provide legislative updates and information on select, timely topics. This biennium's Core A the recent legislative changes, and the topic of protecting your license.  Core courses are applied toward renewal (and not make-up).  This biennium's renewal is intended for those who wish to remain current / be active in 2021-2022.  Core B is released by the Real Estate Commission around June / July of each even-numbered year, following the respective legislative session.

Course Features Include:

  1. Accepted by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission.  Approved Provider #54
  2. The ability to complete the courses online and at your convenience
  3. Low price, high-quality, narrated courses
  4. Easy to use
  5. Well received and reviewed by other real estate professionals

Developed in Hawaii
Our courses are developed with local knowledge of Hawaii's real estate market. Our instructor, David Catanzaro, has taught and practiced real estate in Hawaii for over 20 years. Hawaii's culture and real estate market are unique. Don't risk your tuition money on an out-of-state provider. Real estate is a local business requiring knowledge of Hawaii and the way Hawaii works.

License Renewal
Licensees are required to complete 20 hours of approved continuing education (CE) courses every two years consisting of 6 hours of core and 14 hours of electives. The deadline to renew a license on active status is November 30th (even-numbered years). Unless renewed, all real estate licenses expire at the end of every even-numbered year. 
New salespersons renewing their license (issued that year) will be exempted from the continuing education requirement. 

License Reactivation
Licensees must satisfy the continuing education (CE) requirement of the previous biennium in order to reactivate their license. Licensees who wish to reactivate a license need at least 10 credit hours of continuing education (core course + elective courses). 
The previous biennium's core course is available through May 31 of odd-numbered years. After May 31, licensees who have not completed the biennium's core course(s) will need to complete 10 hours of continuing education elective courses. 

Check your CE Status
You can check the number of hours needed to reactivate or renew at the State's CE Status Page at:

Reporting of Credit
The Real Estate Branch requires school to report course credits within 7-10 days of the courses date of completion.   We will report completion credits within the state's requirement.  If your specific situation requires special attention please contact us

The Hawaii Real Estate Branch :  or by phone at 808-586-2643

Professional and Vocational Licensing Division (PVL): or by phone at 808-586-3000

Hawaii Real Estate License Renewal:


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