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This 30-hr CE Renewal package includes the 3-hr Residential Core course and 27-hrs of electives for license renewal for brokers and managing brokers

Courses in this package:

  • Washington Residential Core Course (3 hrs)
  • Social Media for Real Estate Practitioners (3 hrs)
  • Applied Ethics in Practice: Case Studies (3 hrs)
  • Property Management Essentials (3 hrs)
  • Fair Housing - Real World Examples and Liability (3 hrs)
  • Broker Price Opinions and Comparative Market Analysis (3 hrs)
  • Benefits of the 1031 Exchange for Real Estate Practitioners (3 hrs)
  • Commercial Sales Essentials (3 hrs)
  • Policies to Reduce Risk (3 hrs)
  • How to Successfully List and Represent Buyers  (3 hrs)

We will customize this package free of charge.  Ph: 808-230-8200.  This course is not designed for those seeking to meet the requirements of their first-ever renewal.

License Renewal Info: https://www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/brokersrenew.html



$169.00 $89.95